Saturday, September 10, 2016

2016 Topps Allen and Ginter

Is it too late to tell you all about this year's Allen and Ginter?  Is it?

My enthusiasm has been fading gradually over the last couple of years.  Which, I suppose, has a lot to do with saving money.  It's hard to be all hung-ho about new products if you have zero cash to throw down and enjoy the new stuff!

But…I always buy a box of A&G.  Every year.  I love it that much.  (This year I actually hit a really great box, too!)

It's always clean, crisp and great design.  Never fails.

Let's take a look at the product.

Set collectors, rejoice!  A&G is a do-able 300 card set with 50 extra short prints.  I think putting together a 350 card set isn't too awful.

Of course there are the mini's and the variations of each:  Wood, Brooklyn Backs, Glossy, Metal, Black border…etc.  Each has it's own print run with the Glossy, Metal and Wood being 1/1.

For some reason, A&G are still throwing relic cards into their packs.  There will be a CHTC blog post about the absurdity of relic cards in the near future.  So, there are relic cards…yawn.

Autographs are abound.  There are mini-on card autographs as well as the super-rare booklet cards (these look great, btw).  A pretty star-studded cast of signers took their pens to A&G cards this year:  Bryce Harper, Chris Sale, Henry Aaron, Mike Trout, Paul Molitor, Felix Hernandez, etc…  The autographs in Topps products are usually, predictably strong.  As is the case here.

Then, finally, you have the ever-elusive Rip cards and auto'd or relic box loaders.  If you snag one, get in touch and we can put it here on the blog!

So, as usual…I will tell you to buy a box or two of A&G if you have not already.  I'm sure you have…

Our box turned out the following hits:

  • Steve Schirrpa Autograph
  • Boxberger Cyan Printing plate 1/1
  • Matt Holliday Brooklyn Back mini /25
  • Dellin Betances relic
  • Gennady Golovkin relic

I hadn't had a box this good in years!

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