Saturday, August 23, 2014

Topps...Don't Ignore Us

I've had two low-level redemption cards sitting in redemption limbo for over two years now with the Topps company.  Seriously low level.  Matt Purkey, I believe.  Same player for both cards.  Ridiculous.

So, I wrote an email to Topps a couple of days ago and asked for anything just to get these redemption cards cleared.  I really, honestly do not care what they send back.  I'd take one of those sweet throwback Topps t-shirts they are hawking on the website (those are sick).  Anyway, have I heard anything back from Topps?  Nope.

Crickets, people.  I hear crickets.

But, I shall not give up.  Topps is a good company (albeit a lot slow with redeeming these blasted redemption cards) and I feel that they will do the right thing and replace them cards with something.

I believe!

Happy Saturday, peeps.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

What To Do When Your Favorite Player Gets Traded

Now that the trade deadline has passed, I think things have settled enough to talk about it.  Yes, I am a Tampa Rays fan.  I am not afraid to express my allegiances and never have been...even during the (s)Hit Show years and the failed experiments with aging sluggers (Canseco, Castilla, etc...).  Anyway, the trade deadline happens every year, yes.  Players get traded from team to team, yes. this friggin' year...your favorite player gets traded.

So, if you have a personal collection (or PC) of a certain player, what do you do with that personal collection if that player is traded?

I raise this point because David Price is my favorite player in baseball.  He was the best pitcher the Rays have ever had on the mound.  Ever.  David is a solid dude and treats the fans, teammates, and coaching staff with respect.  Plus, he's  a friggin' warrior.

But, now he's in Detroit.

I have just about every common card ever made by every company for Mr. Price.  Do I keep them?  Do I sell them?  What to do?

Let's get real here.  If David Price had not come up through the Tampa system I'm pretty sure I would not be a huge fan.  If Price had come up through the Padres system, I'm sure I would still respect his game but I would hold him in the same regard that I hold...Adam Wainright.  Great pitcher, but not a fan of the team.

With that one paragraph I answered my own question.  I am a David Price fan.  I will be no matter what team he plays for because he came up with US.  We watched him grow and become an ace and win the Cy Young.  So, my cards and my sweetspot ball I got in Spring Training from David (he really is a cool dude)...all of that will be staying in my house.

But...I am not one to tell others what to do.  If Pujols fans out there feel that they were betrayed when Albert took the money and moved to Bev-er-leeeeee (Hills, that is)...I feel it's perfectly reasonable for you to sell all your Pujols memorabilia.  If you support your team over individual players then I think you have the right to ditch the players memorabilia, burn the jersey...whatever.

But, me?  Naw, I'm gonna keep it all.

Hell, right now he's the only Cy Young winner in Tampa Bay Rays history.  I collect history.