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Topps ( - The grandaddy of all card companies.  Say what you want, but they still do a pretty decent job.  Except for sticker autos, ridiculous redemption wait times, and flooding the market with certain products.  They still good.  Oh yeah, they do the Bowman stuff, too.

Panini ( - Their site is a little ghetto.  Not liking it.  However, Panini are a serious player in the collecting world.  Panini does a great job with the NBA, NHL, and NFL.  However, it just seems like they are trying to make some headway in MLB.  Granted, they have a license with the MLBPA but not, no team logos on their cards.  Their high-end baseball cards are well done, though.

Leaf ( - Leaf does cards very slickly.  Kind of futuristic looking on many of their releases.  However, they do make a nice card and some very high end stuff.  Like Panini, they have no MLB, no team logos.

Tristar ( - They don't seem to be all that well-respected in the collecting world.  Say, if you want a David Price auto...look to Tristar, they're usually cheaper.  But, they try and Tristar does hang on in a tough market so kudos to them.

PressPass ( - A player in NFL, Nascar, and entertainment type collectables.

Upper Deck ( - UD was the upper crust high end shit of my early days.  Now, they have multiple releases, big time stars, blah blah blah.  BUT, unlike Topps, they have no license to distribute MLB releases.  (In fact, I'm not even sure they have a strictly-baseball product out right now.) So, like with the rest of the team logos.  Upper Deck still make some very nice products.

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