Signed Books

This here is a little list of signed books I have scavenged in the past couple of years...

All of these have been signed by the author.  Obviously, not in alphabetical order...

Jane Fonda - Prime Time
Ridley Pearson - Killer Summer
Hank Aaron - I Had A Hammer (paperback in rough a cut auto)
Jeffery Deaver - XO
John Connolly - The Black Angel
T. Jefferson Parker - The Renegades
Rick Pitino - Rebound Rules
David Byrne - Bicycle Diaries
D. Byrne
Michael Connelly - The Reversal
Daniel Silva - The Rembrandt Affair
Patricia Cornwell - Red Mist
Henry Rollins - Get In The Van
Paul Prudhomme - Fork In The Road
Stephen Ambrose - The Wild Blue
Tommy Lasorda - I Live For This
Richard Russo - That Old Cape Magic x2
Wynona Judd - Going Home To Myself
Dean Koontz - Odd Apocalypse
Patricia Cornwell - Portait of a Killer
Norman Mailer - The Time of Our Time
Pat Summit - Raise the Roof x3
Joe Torre - Ground Rules For Winners (book plate)
Jack Buck - That's a Winner
Hugh Downs - Perspectives
Dean Smith - The Carolina Way (paperback)
Tony Kornheiser - I'm Here For More Cash
Paul Theroux - Happy Isles of Oceana
Paul Theroux - The Kingdom By The Sea
The Mandrell Sisters - Cut auto (was in a all 4 are on one cut auto)
Ann Romney - Cut auto (she signed Mitt's book...I cut her auto and tossed the book)
Mike Huckabee - Cut auto book plate (book was in terrible shape...saved auto, tossed book)
Tom Lasorda - I Live For This!
Emeril Lagasse - New Orleans Cook Book
Condoleeza Rice - No Higher Honor (book plate)
Laura Bush - Spoken From The Heart
Nathaniel Philbrick - Sea of Glory

There's more but I don't feel like typing any longer...

Stephen Ambrose
John Updike
K. Abdul Jabbar


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