Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bustin' Old Wax: 1987 Topps

So, I found a couple of packs of 87 Topps in one of my boxes.  I also found a 1991 Topps pack.  Not really sure where these came from.  Probably from a couple of cheap-o box buys a few years back.  Just for funsies I thought it would be nice to open them up for you.

First, the 1991 Topps.  This was a huge set.  Not in the way of any worthwhile cards, have you.  But, the set itself was over 700 cards.  A monster.

The design of the 91 Topps was fairly bleh.  Nothing to write home about here, folks.  For Topps to do their 40th anniversary set with this one was just...wrong.  They should've done something a little nicer, in my humble opinion.

Here's what I got in my lone pack:
#170 Carlton Fisk - Hall of Famer.  Not too shabby since I have a box full of HOF'ers.
#775 Julio Franco
#305 Mike Scioscia - Good player.  Even better manager.
#642 Hal Morris
#373 Darrin Jackson
#250 Dennis Eckersley - Another Hall of Famer.  Great pitcher.
#158 Jose Uribe
#634 Henry Cotto - Remember him?  I don't.
#289 Tim Birtsas - No clue.
#514 Mike Stanton
#451 Neal Heaton - Wow.  My memory is shot.
#779 Carmelo Martinez
#182 Junior Noboa
#747 Tony Fossas

There you go.  One pack of 1991 Topps.  Two Hall of Famers, a handful of good players, and a whole bunch of dudes I can't remember.  This was a set with ZERO notable rookie cards.  1991 was a terrible year.

Now TWO packs of 1987 Topps. 87 was likely my favorite design from Topps back in the day.  Maybe it's because it was the first year I started really collecting.  Yes, memory is powerful.

Here we go:
Pack 1
#498 Bob Kearney - Who?
#342 Bob James
#156 Mariners Leaders
#644 John Denny
#55 Tim Wallach
#77 Bryan Oelkers
#237 Jim Morrison - NOT the Doors singer.
#625 Mookie Wilson - Mookie!!!
#354 Jamie Quirk
#473 Steve Farr
#612 George Bell All-Star
#177 Keith Moreland
#712 Don Robinson
#323 Al Newman
#532 Jeff Stone
#687 Alan Trammell - Loved watching Trammell play.
#760 Mike Witt


Pack 2
#736 Steve Bedrosian
#759 Joel Youngblood
#183 Andy Hawkins
#107 John Butcher
#681 George Bell
#446 Chuck Finley -  I actually liked Finley
#776 Tom Brunansky
#674 Bill Campbell
#48 Wally Backman
#437 Ted Power
#566 Tim Hulett
#451 Joe Sambito
#417 Pat Perry
#422 Jack Howell
#309 Mike Young
#249 Jim Pankovits
#560 Glenn Davis

Jeez.  Two packs and just...shit.  Back in the day, I would've been pissed with these two packs.  Now, I'm just slightly amazed at how crappy these players turned out to be.

Oh well.  Cheap pack break.  But, fun.  Take care people!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Drool List Item #2: Ted Williams Museum Collection

Drool List Item number two has us ogling a beautiful Ted Williams cut autograph from 2013 Topps Museum Collection.  Words cannot really describe just how awesome this piece is.  This thing is completely awesome.

This is way out of my price range.  I mean, not even in the same stratosphere.  But, in comparison to this:

Babe Ruth cut autograph.  Topps Museum Collection.  Listed on eBay for a BIN of $18,999.

Drool away my friends.  Drool away.

Drool List Item #1...Wil Myers Bowman Inception

If someone has this card...would you please gift it to me?  I deserve it.  Promise.

I'm going to start throwing cards and other memorabilia up here on the blog under the category I like to call:  The Drool List.  The Drool List are basically items (mostly that we can never afford) that make us want to rush for the check book or take out that second mortgage.  But, we won't go into debt for these items...we are responsible people.  We can, however, drool a little bit over them.

These Inception from this year are absolutely awesome.  Just beautifully designed.  Don't ya think?

This one here is a 2013 Bowman Inception patch/auto from hotshot Rays prospect Wil Myers.  You all know I have a soft spot for the Rays...and Myers is a good player (but reportedly kind of a douche in person).  The card is numbered to 5 and is freakin' awesome.

Killer card and my current favorite prospect...

*Edit: New image.  The other was removed by internets goblins.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why You Should Love & Hate Steiner Sports

Steiner sports.  Likely the most respected name in signed and game used sports memorabilia.  Located in New York, Steiner has a heavy presence on the collecting world.  They have legit authentication and buyers know that pretty much whatever comes out of their stores is the real deal.

Legitimate autographs and authentication are a good thing.  There are some fly-by-night "authenticators" out there and they will rip you off.  Steiner...well, they aren't going to sell you crap.

So...I've come up with a list of reasons to love and hate Brandon Steiner's legacy (he's the owner, you know...he wrote a book about the whole thing.  I'm sure the book is awesome...probably not).

Reasons to LOVE Steiner Sports

1.  Legitimacy:  Yes, I have already stated that their items are the real thing.  But, in the internet age you cannot stress this enough.  People will try to scam you.  Steiner will not.

2.  Guarantee:  Steiner will give a guarantee on friggin' everything.  This just comes with the whole "peace of mind" concept.  You can rest easy on your pillow knowing that the Mickey Mantle cut you bought last week is the real McCoy.  Of course you probably overpaid for that cut by 25%, but that's ok.

3.  Customer Service:  The folks at Steiner know what services is all about.  They really do care.  Any problems?  Just call.  They'll fix your shit right up.

4.  Variety of Items:  I have never been to the brick and mortar store in New York. I'm sure I would be like a kid in a candy store.  The variety that Steiner has on hand is absolutely amazing.  From mini helmets to game-used bats to signs from the old Yankee Stadium...yeah, they probably have whatever obscure item you are looking for.

5.  The 3-for-$99 Sale:  Usually awesome items within the three items for ninety nine bucks sale.  They have this one often and whenever I have the cash (which is hardly ever) I try to indulge.  It truly is a good deal.

Reasons to HATE Steiner Sports

1. Price:  Going into the transaction, you as a customer must realize that whatever you buy from Steiner is going to be over priced.  Therefore, your best bet is to never EVER buy regular priced items.  There are good deals to be had on the Steiner site but you have to look carefully and the deals are almost ALWAYS in sale section.

2.  Shipping:  There is no fucking way that it costs twenty bucks to ship 3 stinking baseballs.  No way.  I could send you three baseballs for five bucks.  I know, it's such a little thing.  But, gouging people for shipping costs is just a douche move.  Shipping is never free with Steiner...ever.

3.  Exclusive contracts:  Steiner has a habit of signing athletes to exclusive memorabilia contracts with them.  Now, there really is nothing wrong with doing this.  The athlete agrees to it, so it's really no big deal.  But, it can often be the reason why your favorite player says he "can't" sweet-spot your baseball. There are rules in these deals so that Steiner can have something exclusive.  Of course, this jacks the prices of these items way up...way out of the price range of the regular old joe's like us. The list of these exclusive contracts is huge and includes the likes of Derek Jeter, Mo Rivera, Hell...just about any past or present Yankee.

4.  Endless Emails:  Buy one thing from Steiner, you will receive six emails per day.  Guaranteed.  At least six, maybe more...

So, take Steiner Sports for what you want.  In my opinion, they are both good and bad.  There are deals to be had but you may pay a big price for a steal.

Here's the link to Steiner.  Check it out, see for yourself.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sportscardradio Likes Us Back

I'm super-excited.  The venerable web-site, and collecting gurus, and all around good dudes over at sportscardradio have allowed the humble masses (such as Can't Hit The Curve) to use their likeness on our little web-blog thingie.  Actually, it's just a logo.  But, I'm going to have this logo link back to their web-site.

This is good for both of us.  In essence, each of us is showing respect for what the other does.  We gotta stick together in this crazy internets world, ya know?

Anyway, I'm psyched.  I always use sportscardradio to get information about new products and whatnot.  To me, they are an authority on the hobby.  So, this is like getting a little stamp of approval.

Kick ass.