Success Log

2013 Success Log

1.4.13 - Rick Pitino sent signed 8x10.  Requested via email in November.

1.5.13 - Pretty cool.  Bruce Hornsby sent signed CD insert (personalized) TTM.  Took 6 weeks.

1.26.13 - Joe Torre signed book found in thrift store for .50$

2.7.13 - Tommy Lasorda signed book (inscribed to someone else, but that's ok) found in book store for two bucks.

2.15.13 - Seattle Pitcher Danny Hultzen returned 2/2 cards signed TTM.  Took just under 3 weeks.

2.22.13 - Seattle Catcher Mike Zunino returned 2/2 cards signed TTM.  Took a little over 3 weeks.

2.26.13 - Seattle Infielder Alex Liddi returned 2/2 cards signed TTM.  Took one month.

2.28.13 - Braves prospect Matt Lipka returned 2/2 cards signed TTM (personalized).  Took 7 months.

3.9.13 - Fan Packs from both the Astros and White Sox.  Took 1 week.

3.15.13 - Reds Prospect Billy Hamilton returned 2/2 cards signed TTM in gold.  Took one month.

3.25.13 - Fan Packs from the Nationals and the Brewers which took a couple weeks.  Also, Todd Frazier sent 1/1 card TTM (personalized) which took 9 days.

4.1.13 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Pat Summitt x2, and Anthony Bourdain signed books picked up at used bookstore.  Got 'em all pretty cheap.

4.6.13 - Seattle Pitching prospect Taijuan Walker returned 2/2 from ST (a month).  Rays prospect Mikie Mahtook also returned 1/1 signed from last season (six months).

4.17.13 - Jim Leyritz signed book (along w/ co-author) and a Jefferey Deaver signed book found in used bookstore.

4.29.13 - Arizona Diamondbacks sent along a lame fanpack.  The Rays sent a fan pack (a second one) as well as the KC Royals.  Stickers and pocket schedules abound.

6.15.13 - Former big-leaguer Franklin Stubbs returned 3/3 from the ML club where he coaches.  Took 2 weeks.

6.22.13 - Former big-leaguer Mariano Duncan returned 2/3 from Daytona.  Took 3 weeks.

8.13.13 - San Diego Padre Jedd Gyoko returned 3/3 signed.  Took a few months.

9.14.13 - James Carville signed book found in a Goodwill for a buck.  Nice.

11.4.13 - Mike Olt returned 2/2 signed cards that I sent during spring training.  Nice to get these back.

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