Thursday, October 30, 2014

So much stuff to cover.

Well, the season is over.  Congrats to the SF Giants once again.  Every even year they win it, it seems.  So next year...well, they'll probably suck.

Here's a little run-down of the happenings in the MLB just recently.  Not like I am ESPN here but at least I can give you my thoughts (as if you care).

1.  Giants are champs.  This is not the big story here.  Madison Bumgarner is the story for this post-season.  Remember at the beginning of the season?  MadBum was not even the ace of the Giants staff.  That honor went to Matt Cain...who was sidelined with injury.  Bumgarner stepped up and was fucking golden.  Nice work.

2.  Royals shock the world.  These guys were not supposed to be that good.  Seriously.  But, they played like a cohesive unit and got the job done in all the right spots.  So, kudos to James Shields (a personal favorite) and the rest of them youngsters (except Billy Butler).  Great season but just couldn't pull it out.

3.  The ship in Tampa (rather, St. Pete) is sinking.  First, GM Andrew Friedman resigned to take a sweet position in the Dodgers front office.  Can't really blame the guy.  Going from a measly payroll to an organization flush with cash was a no-brainer.  Then...well, then it was Joe Maddon who declined the option on his contract so he could shop his wares to the rest of the league.  Maddon, while not the perfect genius some anoint him, was a perfect personality for this Rays team.  The young guys fed off of his energy and enthusiasm and his positivity.  Now, he gone.  What's next moving the team to Montreal?

4.  A-Rod is back.  Love him or hate him, the Yankees activated Alex Rodriguez from the restricted list today.  The team stated "If he can play, he'll be in the line-up".  Prediction:  A-Rod will solely DH next year.  Or, if he plays in the field he will do so only at first.  You heard it here first, bitches.

5.  RIP Oscar.  Sadly, Cardinals phenom Oscar Tavares passed away over the weekend while driving in his home country.  Just a really sad situation and my heart hurts for the Cards Nation.

That's all I got for now.  Until next time!  Sayonara!