Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 Panini Prizm

Well, I scrounged a few bucks so I could buy a pack of this Panini Prizm.  I figured that I should at least have bought one pack so I could at least give you all a hands-on review.

The pack I got didn't have any hits (of course).  However, I was fairly impressed with the look of the cards.  Sure, they're all futuristic looking and such.  But, the cards have a real clean look and, to me, that's fairly important.  Since it's Panini, you won't find any of those pesky Major League Baseball logos anywhere.

The set is fairly small (200 cards) but the pack size will likely make it difficult for you set collectors out there.  Each pack holds a measly six cards.  For the price...well, there should be more.

The autograph inserts look to be pretty well stocked.  There's Griffey Jr., Mattingly, David Wright, Reggie Jackson, and more.  So, there are some pretty decent hits to be had with this product.  The rest of the inserts look fairly well stocked, too.  I'm really not surprised that this product would be "hit heavy".

So, Panini Prizm looks to me like it could be a pretty good buy for this season.  Lots of hits.  Decent hobby box price.  Overall, looks good.  Nice work, Panini.

For those that are curious here are the results of my lone pack:  Chris Sale base, R. Zimmerman, base, C. Headley base, Tyler Moore RC, Gallardo base, and J. Verlander "Dominance".  No biggies but I needed to look at these in person to give you fine folks a proper review.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Well, At Least It's Something...

So, the slow trickle of TTM autographs has come completely to a stop.  Like many others, I haven't gotten any returns in a few weeks.  But, at least the fan packs still come infrequently.

The Tampa Bay Rays (my favorite team) sent along a pretty sweet package.  Within the envelope was: A David Price Cy Young commemorative cap, a sticker, a pocket sched, a Matt Joyce bookmark, and one of those "slap bracelet" things that were popular years ago.  My wife loved the's now hers.  But, I thought it was a pretty generous fan pack.

Also, the St. Louis Cardinals sent along a little fan pack.  I never complain about fan packs due to the fact they are free.  If I did complain about such things I might with this one.  The Cards sent:  a big ol' sticker, a temporary tattoo, and last years pocket schedule (which confused me).  But, hey, at least they thought enough to send something along.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Slow Week

Hey all.  Slow week around here.  Here are the highlights:

1.  Nothing in from TTM.
2.  No new boxes or packs due to lack of funds.  Student loans are no joke.
3.  Did find two signed books in the used bookstore.  Jim Leyritz signed book (along with the co-author) and a Jeffery Deaver signed XO.  Both are for trade or sale, if interested.
4.  Nothing sent out TTM.  I'm a slacker.

That's it.  Nothing really new in the neighborhood.  There are/have been some new releases of baseball product.  I'll see if I can scrimp some pennies to see if I can get a pack or two so I will be able to give you all the low-down on what's new.

Take care.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wagner T206 = 2.1 Million

With this blog being about baseball memorabilia, I would be remiss if I did not report that the amazing Honus Wagner T206 from 1909-1911 sold once again.  Also, once again, this card broke records selling at an astonishing 2.1 million buckaroos.  Yes, dollars.  Not pesos.

This, from what I can gather through multiple sources, is the "Holy Grail" of baseball cards.  But, even if I had the coin to drop on this thing, I never would.  There is absolutely zero gurantee that this Honus Wagner T206 would rise in value over the years.  Two million bucks is nothing to fuck around with.

On the other hand, it WAS owned by Wayne Gretzky (and Bruce McNall...the crook).  Anything owned by the Great One...well, I just love ol' Gretz.  But, I digress.

There it is, the Wagner T206.  The most famous, most valuable, and most over-priced baseball card (or baseball related item) in history.  Check out this ESPN 30 for 30 on the subject.  It's pretty good.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


This week has been crazy with job stuff so I have neglected "The Curve".  I feel bad about it.  So, what I'm going to do to make it up to everyone is throw out some "tidbits" from the week.

Tidbit 1
The baseball season has started and all is right with the world, once again.  Sorry football, for all of your self-inflated grandiosity, baseball is still America's Game.  All of you TTM guys and gals out there be sure to shift your mailings from Spring Training sites to the Major League (or Minor League) stadiums.

Tidbit 2
After writing my post on the TTM desert, I received two (TWO!) returns yesterday.  Got 1/1 from Mikie Mahtook, who is one of the numerous young players the Rays are grooming.  Looks like he may be pretty good.  But, since I am a Rays fan, it's a solid return.  Also, the magic from the Emerald City continues.  Well over half of my returns recently have been from the Seattle Mariners system.  On the same day Mahtook came, Taijuan Walker (M's superstud pitcher) sent 2/2 from Spring Training.  Mr. Walker signed both beautifully in really thin blue Sharpie.

Tidbit 3
I picked up my first Beckett Baseball in quite a while this past week.  Actually, the fella at the local card shop gave me a free copy of last month's, but whatever.  Anyway, I am really not digging the new layout.  It seems the articles are getting shittier, if that's even possible.  Beckett's articles have, for the most part, always sucked ass.

Tidbit 4
Am I the only one who hates watching fat dudes ripping open boxes on YouTube?  Video is cool.  Hearing some schlub talk whilst opening cards is friggin' lame.  Just type out what you got.

Tidbit 5
Panini is re-creating (or reviving) the Pinnacle brand for baseball.  Ugh.  There will definitely be a post about this one soon.  Looks to me like there will be some new baseball releases coming soon.  One will be the Gypsy Queen brand, which has pretty consistently let me down since it's initial release...well, modern release.  Topps Tribute, which is WAY out of my price range, is coming out for you big spenders.  Panini and Onyx (who are doing more than just auto'd memorabilia and moving into cards) are also releasing product of their own.  Stay tuned so I can trash every one of these.

Those are my tidbits.  Enjoy.