Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Well, At Least It's Something...

So, the slow trickle of TTM autographs has come completely to a stop.  Like many others, I haven't gotten any returns in a few weeks.  But, at least the fan packs still come infrequently.

The Tampa Bay Rays (my favorite team) sent along a pretty sweet package.  Within the envelope was: A David Price Cy Young commemorative cap, a sticker, a pocket sched, a Matt Joyce bookmark, and one of those "slap bracelet" things that were popular years ago.  My wife loved the bracelet...it's now hers.  But, I thought it was a pretty generous fan pack.

Also, the St. Louis Cardinals sent along a little fan pack.  I never complain about fan packs due to the fact they are free.  If I did complain about such things I might with this one.  The Cards sent:  a big ol' sticker, a temporary tattoo, and last years pocket schedule (which confused me).  But, hey, at least they thought enough to send something along.

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