Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wagner T206 = 2.1 Million

With this blog being about baseball memorabilia, I would be remiss if I did not report that the amazing Honus Wagner T206 from 1909-1911 sold once again.  Also, once again, this card broke records selling at an astonishing 2.1 million buckaroos.  Yes, dollars.  Not pesos.

This, from what I can gather through multiple sources, is the "Holy Grail" of baseball cards.  But, even if I had the coin to drop on this thing, I never would.  There is absolutely zero gurantee that this Honus Wagner T206 would rise in value over the years.  Two million bucks is nothing to fuck around with.

On the other hand, it WAS owned by Wayne Gretzky (and Bruce McNall...the crook).  Anything owned by the Great One...well, I just love ol' Gretz.  But, I digress.

There it is, the Wagner T206.  The most famous, most valuable, and most over-priced baseball card (or baseball related item) in history.  Check out this ESPN 30 for 30 on the subject.  It's pretty good.

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