Friday, July 5, 2013

Drool List Item #1...Wil Myers Bowman Inception

If someone has this card...would you please gift it to me?  I deserve it.  Promise.

I'm going to start throwing cards and other memorabilia up here on the blog under the category I like to call:  The Drool List.  The Drool List are basically items (mostly that we can never afford) that make us want to rush for the check book or take out that second mortgage.  But, we won't go into debt for these items...we are responsible people.  We can, however, drool a little bit over them.

These Inception from this year are absolutely awesome.  Just beautifully designed.  Don't ya think?

This one here is a 2013 Bowman Inception patch/auto from hotshot Rays prospect Wil Myers.  You all know I have a soft spot for the Rays...and Myers is a good player (but reportedly kind of a douche in person).  The card is numbered to 5 and is freakin' awesome.

Killer card and my current favorite prospect...

*Edit: New image.  The other was removed by internets goblins.

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