Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Off-Season...Good Time To Purchase?

Now that the MLB hot-stove season is upon us, and the World Series is out of the way and settled, are the next few months a good time to buy memorabilia.

My opinion is:  A hearty YES!

This is the time of year when sports fans are focused on football and basketball (though I can't figure out why).  Once the Series is over, the focus of the general public shifts.  This, my friends, would be a good time to focus your energies on buying memorabilia from America's past-time.  The reason is simple:  Not a lot of buyers.

A new season gets people excited and a whole lot of purchasing happens right before and during spring training.  So, like with Christmas shopping, beat the rush.  Heck, you could even use some of those gift cards you are getting to scoop up a bargain.

Remember:  There are bargains to be had online.  You just have to hunt for them.  Bargains aren't going to be found at Steiner, for sure.  However, scour the eBay and other reputable sites and you could find a gem during the off-season. could wait until the beginning of next season and pay retail.  But, why would you do such a silly thing?

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