Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rushmore...AL West

Now, let's explore the Mt. Rushmore's for the teams in the American League West.  There are some good one's out on the west coast.  I will be including the Houston Astros in the AL West...that's their home now, after all.

Los Angeles Angels:  Rod Carew, Darin Erstad, Mike Scioscia, and Reggie Jackson.

Defense:  Carew needs no defense, at all.  A flat-out masher.  Darin Erstad might have been one of the most popular players ever to play for the Angels.  Just beloved.  Maybe that's because he was all hustle, all the time.  So, don't give me no shit for Erstad.  Scioscia is unconventional because he's on this Rushmore as a manager.  The Angels have had their greatest successes under his leadership.  Finally, Reggie makes the list for the Angels.  Yes, he had greater successes on other teams but...he wouldn't make those teams' Rushmore's.  Reggie deserves to be on one.  With another year under his belt, Trout would make this list for sure.

Oakland Athletics:  Rollie Fingers, Dennis Eckersley, Mark McGwire, and Jason Giambi.

Defense:  Two great closers.  Two great mustaches.  Two Hall of Famers.  Rollie and Dennis were awesome.  McGwire, along with all his controversy, was a fantastic hitter that pretty much (along with PEDs and Sammy Sosa) brought baseball back from misery.  The strike almost killed baseball and Mark and Sammy saved it's ass.  Plus,  all those bombs.  Geez.  Finally, no one embodied what it is like to be an Oakland A more than Jason Giambi.  He could hit like a beast, yes.  But, he also looked like a biker (long hair, tattoos, scruffy beard).  If someone wanted to see what it was like to be an A, look at late 90's Giambi.

Seattle Mariners:  Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey, Jr., Edgar Martinez, and Ichiro Suzuki

Defense:  This Rushmore was easy. If you tell me Jay Buhner should be up there instead of any of those guys, then I will just have to slap you...or cry.  Or both.  Randy is the best left handed pitcher ever.  He had power and control and a billion strikeouts.  And a wicked mustache.  The Kid might have the sweetest swing ever.  Great power, great average, great attitude...he always seemed to be having fun (at least in Seattle).  Edgar was the consummate professional and was a great hitter.  Ichiro...well, he was awesome.  Imagine his numbers if he had played his entire career in the states.  They'd be staggering. In my opinion, every one of these guys should be in the Hall of Fame.

Houston Astros:  Jeff Bagwell, Nolan Ryan, Craig Biggio, and Lance Berkman.

Defense:  Other than Ryan, this line-up has more questions about PEDs than any other.  No matter...these four are THE faces of the Astros.  Bagwell and Biggio are the best hitters Houston has ever had.  Easily.  Nolan Ryan is one of the five best pitchers of all time.  Some may argue that he is the best of all time...but, I disagree with that one.  The Big Puma, Berkman, was great during his time with the Astros.  Big power, good average, good defense, fan favorite.  That's what you look for in a Rushmore guy.

Texas Rangers:  Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro, Charlie Hough, and Ivan Rodriguez.

Defense:  Oh boy, I almost put Alex Rodriguez on this Rushmore.  I debated long and hard about it.  But, in the end logic won out.  Therefore, Juan Gonzalez leads the pack in the face of the Rangers franchise.  I don't know if many of you remember just how good and how powerful Juan was in that lineup.  There were years where he WAS the lineup.  Palmeiro made the list and A-Rod didn't?  I know, I know.  But, that A-Rod shit is fresh and still stings.  Raffi is old news.  But, the dude was a masher...on PEDs!  Charlie Hough...old man river.  Charlie played for ever but that knuckleballer did it right.  He's a very good dude, too.  Yes, Kenny Rogers may have been up here but I like Charlie better.  Kenny always seemed like a douche.  Finally, Pudge...in my opinion there has been no better catcher.  A defensive machine with a good bat.  Just the best.

Argue away.  There's some controversy here...

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