Sunday, August 16, 2015

2016 Topps Sneak Preview: Everyone's a Critic


So.  Topps gave the fans a sneak peek at their flagship line's new design.  The collector world has suddenly become burdened with a glut of "experts" and "critics" out there.  Now, just to be clear...this was the ONLY image that was released.  No other info.  Nothing about inserts, hits, or what have you.  There have been so many people expressing their opinions and giving a thumbs up or thumbs down on the entire design of a card set based off of ONE image.  ONE.  Dammit, the internet is a strange place.

For all the haters out there, I toss at you the following images.

1992.  Blue and orange, baby.  Remember how bad this set looked?  Remember?  Yeah, it was pretty bad...but it gets worse.

1996.  The futuristic design was pretty cool, right?  Right?  Hello?...Is this thing on?

2003.  Where my critics at?  Anyone out there?

2007.  Good luck finding an oh-seven Topps in good shape.  That black was awful...and it chipped easily.

Bottom Line:  The 2016 Topps design could be MUCH worse.  It HAS been much worse.  Before casting stones, let's look at the history of Topps designs.  In retrospect, this one looks pretty dang good.

Cheers, haters!

BTW...Cardboard Connection has a killer timeline of all Topps baseball card designs from 1950 until now.  Very worth going back to see how the company has evolved.

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