Sunday, August 23, 2015

2105 Topps Chrome

I'm a Topps Chrome fan.  Although I do admit this, there are times when I really hate that I actually like this product.  For one, the cards curl.  This infuriates me and it always has.  Before a fan can get a pack of these things open...bam...they're curling up on you.  Man, this sucks.  

Also, Topps Chrome is one of those 'middle range' products that lowly collectors can actually afford. It's not quite Museum or Tier 1 quality...but, it ain't Topps Total, either.  Therefore, I have had very little luck in the hit department with Chrome.  

But, for some reason I stick with it.  Maybe it's the price point.  Ok, it's definitely the price.

So, when word hit the interwebs that Chrome was coming, I began saving them pennies.  Then, just yesterday, I hit the old LCS and got me a box.  Let the disappointment begin.

The look of the cards is fairly ok.  It looks like shiny regular old Topps.  So, it's colorful and all that jazz.  The base set is also only 200 cards.  This should make set collectors happy.  I can also testify that in my box there were a few, but not overly so, duplicates inserted.

Refractors.  Oh my, are there refractors.  Purple, orange, green, red, and the ever-elusive 1/1 superfractor are all present and accounted for.  My box turned up two...a green Nolan Arenado and a purple Melvin Mercedes (who the fuck is that?).

Your autographs pretty much stick to the stars of the game.  Meaning, you're only gonna see today's rookies and star players represented.  If you are looking for a Manny Ramirez auto...well, this ain't the product you are looking for.  But, there are some pretty tasty autos to be had, if you are lucky. Me?  No luck.  Hell, in all my years of buying Topps Chrome my best auto pull was a RC Johnny Cueto...non-refractor.  The rest have been ho-hum.

Yes, there are little subsets.  But, not like you would expect in a big release product.  Nothing really to get all that excited about.

One pet peeve.  Topps decided that it would be fun to package the cards FOUR to a pack.  This resulted in ripping open 32 packs just to get a gander at four cards.  Give me sixteen packs of eight any day of the week.  It got old after the first stack.

If you like Topps Chrome, like me, then you will not be disappointed in this year's release.  If you don't care either way about something else (Allen & Ginter, for example).  

Topps's just ok!

How CHTC did with our box?
-  The aforementioned Arenado green and Mercedes purple refractors.
-  Gallery of Greats Tulowitzki (black) and Anthony Rizzo (gold /50)
-  Future Stars Soler and Steven Moya
-  Kevin Plawecki auto and Jason Rogers auto (#'d to 499)

*As always, a special thanks to Cardboard Connection for not getting pissed when I swipe your images!

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