Sunday, October 11, 2015

Contributors Wanted

Can't Hit The Curve has done this before and have had no takers.  But, I shall not give up.

The blog is looking for a few contributors to give the blog a different voice other than mine. I do like my voice but...well, variety is the spice of life, right?

So, here's the rundown.

Let's start with the negatives:

  1. Can't Hit The Curve is NOT monetized (yet).  Therefore, I can't offer writers anything in the form of cash money.  It sucks, I know.  But, if you are a part time writer that wants to get things of his/her chest, I can offer you that opportunity.
  2. Can't Hit The Curve has a limited readership (for now).  However, new voices bring new readers and higher Google rankings and if you know anything about analytics...well, this is a good thing for future monetization.  
That's the negative side.   No cash is a biggie.

But, the positives are astounding!
  1. Can't Hit The Curve is open to ANYTHING.  I mean anything.  As long as what you have to say is relevant to collecting and memorabilia and baseball...well, the gloves are off.  You can say whatever you want.  And if you use the word "fuck" like I do on occasion (often), that's okay!
  2. You can be in on the ground floor.  Look, I want this blog to be a big one in the hobby.  Doing it alone...well, it's gonna stay about the same size.  That's just being honest.  But, new voices can bring a fresh vibe and the sky is the limit.  If money starts to be made off this venture...I take care of my peeps.
  3. Creativity is welcomed.  From site design to topics to the color of socks I can have a say into what is created.  I'm open for all kinds of ideas.  For reals.
  4. Submit as much or as little as you would like.  Bottom line is there is NO pressure.
  5. There will be little in the way of editing on this side.  Unless what you write is totally jacked or was written after about 8 Natural Lights, I'm pretty hands off.  If you have images you want put up...okey dokey.  No worries.  
  6. You can get some writing experience.  Believe it or not, I can write one hell of a reference letter.
There are more positives, I'm sure.  But...the way my elbow is resting on this table is telling me it's about time to wrap up.  Ouch.

What I'm looking for (this is simple):
  1. You can write.  I'm not looking for a John Updike-talent writer (although that would be rad), just someone or someones who can string words together coherently.  Simple as that.
  2. You know a bit about baseball, collecting, and memorabilia.  Experts?  Yeah, that'd be nice.  But, seriously just a regular old collector would do.
  3. You're cool.  By that, I mean easy to get along least through email.
  4. You know social media a little.  It helps to be able to push this mofo on Twitter and the like, you know?  I do my best but that shit takes time.
That's it.  So, this is perfect for individuals who collect who got shit to say.  Students?  Sure, come on aboard.  Aspiring bloggers/writers?  Yeah, buddy.  Bored out-of-work welders with a slight limp and a speech impediment?  Hell Yeth.  Come on folks, take a shot. 

What's the worst thing that can happen?  

You might actually have a little fun doing it.  

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