Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage (Minor League)

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why I continue to buy and collect the minor league products of the major companies.  Heritage ML, Pro Debut, Razor, Tri-Star Prospects Plus, Classic Best, Classic 4-sport (remember those?)...good lawd, if there is a minor league product out there, you can be damned sure that I'm gonna find it, buy it, and immediately regret it.

So, I went to the LCS for some rigid photo top loaders.  You see, I have been salvaging autographed books from some horrible places and then rescue the autographed pages from said books.  Before you can call me a blasphemer you should see this Rudy Giuliani that I found with mildew...yuck.  I am attempting to perform a service to the collecting community in my own way...saving autographs that would be tossed into landfills and the like.  So, anyway, I go to get my toploaders.  That was my goal, my mission.  The LCS owner got me sidetracked and I left with a box of 2015 Heritage ML. Dammit.

So, now that I own it and have opened it...I suppose it is my duty to tell you all about it.  First off, it's a minor league product so don't get too fucking excited.  Minor league stuff, even if that stud (Mike Trout, for instance) becomes a stud down the line, doesn't seem to hold the same value as the MLB stuff.  For example, I have a Pro Debut card signed by Mike Trout.  I do, and it's awesome.  But, is that card worth the same as a Bowman Chrome?  Fuck no.  It's minor league tries to hold up to the big boys but just can't.

Ok.  So let's get down to the 2015 Topps Heritage ML.  The base set is 200 cards.  Great for set builders.  But...there's like a bunch of variants.  They are:  Blue, Gum Damage (WTF?), Orange, Black, and Printing Plates.  Also, there are 25 short-printed variations.  So, that 200 card base set could explode if you really got into it.  You can find the checklist HERE.

What about the hits.  Each hobby box (which retails for between $65 and $75 bucks) will have two autographs and one relic.  Which leads me down this side path...why the fuck are relic cards being made anymore?  Do people really still care?  So...two autographs.  Which are, as far as my research can figure, always stickers.  No on-card signatures.  That's bullshit, Topps.

I'd like to sit here and tell you that the set rocks, has tons of killer autographs, and hits galore.  But, I can't.  Because none of that is true.  I would never lie to you people.

The autographs are what's to be expected.  Young guys, no history in the majors, with promise.  So, you may not know if your hits are worth a damned thing for another three, four, or more years from now.  It's a waiting game.

There is one minor subset of 2015 Heritage ML that intrigues me.  It's the Looming Legacy mini-subset.  From the looks it has autos from the past minor league players that made it big time: John Smoltz, Nomar, Chipper Jones, Vlad Guerrero and others. Looks kind of cool.

2015 Topps Heritage Minor League.  That's all folks.  Stay away.

What did we hit?

Color variants:

  • Foster Griffin, Jordan Betts, Grant Hockin - Blue
  • Nick Kingham - Orange


  • Josh Bell - Black jersey


  • Wes Parsons
  • Joe Gatto
*A big thank you to Sports Collectors Daily for the info on this dud.


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