Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Bowman Chrome

So, I let this release pass me by because I had been so low on cash.  But, I felt it was time to dig into the ol' pocketbook for some spare change and buy a few packs.  I bought four.

There are only four (fuckin' FOUR) cards in every pack.  What a ripoff.  Good thing this is an excellent product with high resale value on the cards.  Otherwise, you could feel real cheated.

I'm not going to go off into particulars on this product.  Look it up.  There are tons of great hits in the Bowman Chrome, for sure.

So, here's how I did.  I will list them all because I didn't get that many cards.  Four in a pack?  Come on Topps, don't do me like that.

Jimmy Nelson, Torii Hunter refractor, Luis Merejo, Mike Trout, R. Zimmerman, Tzu-Wei Lin, Carlos Tocci auto, Ian Kennedy, Gerrit Cole rc, Erik Johnson, Mauricio Cabrera, Jose Reyes, Rob Brantly, Jake Lamb, Tyler Heineman blue refractor, Saxon Butler.

So, out of sixteen cards I got a low-level auto and a blue.  I guess I shouldn't be too despondent over this buy.  But, I am.

Four per pack?  Fuck me.

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