Sunday, October 6, 2013

Trending Up: Sonny Gray

Hey, it's a trending up that isn't a Tampa Bay Rays player!  But, seriously, A's pitcher Sonny Gray could be one of those guys that is really flying under the radar of collectors.  He's only been with the big club for a little over two months, has only made ten regular season starts, and he pitches out west.  These are a recipe for an under-the-radar collecting prospect.

Could Gray be great?  Likely not.  But, he will probably be a serviceable number two or three starter in the majors for many years to come.  Is his autograph going to be worth hundreds?  Likely not.  I'm thinking more in the ten to twenty five dollar range.  But, now is the time to buy...remember what I always say:

"Buy Low, Motherf**ker!"

Right now on the eBay I can find Gray signed items for:
  1. Fifty bucks for a sweetspot baseball.
  2. Eight to twelve bucks for a low level certified card.
  3. Upwards of a hundred  for a scarce signed rookie.
  4. Five bucks for in-person signed cards.

That card is probably still for sale on Check Out My Cards (  That site is awful.  It used to be great, had a great interface and was really easy to use.  Now...not so much.  Go back to the old format comc!

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