Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Panini Hometown Heroes

It's been awhile.  Sorry about that.

Anyway, I was in the LCS a week ago and was looking for something new to tell you all about.  I ran across this Panini product I had never heard of called Hometown Heroes.  So, I bought a jumbo pack to give you all the scoop.

First, the basics.  There are 300 cards in the set, overall.  With the last 60 being short prints.  So, very doable for the set collector guy (or gal).  There are a few, not overly many, insert sets in here as well.  Not too bad.  Panini didn't over do the inserts...which is nice.  And, they brought back the discs.  You know, the little round guys.  I like 'em.

There looks to be a good mix of autographs in the product.  Old timers and new, there is a little of both.  Myers, Profar, Bundy all line up with Clemens, Ryan, and Molitor in the auto department.  So, a good mix is good for the soul.

The cards themselves look vintage.  Which avid (or casual) readers of the blog know that I like.  They seem like they'd be good to have signed, whether you are an in-person or ttm collector.  So, props for that Panini.

No logos, of course.  This is a Panini product, after all.

Overall, I'd say go for the Hometown Heroes of baseball.  It's a nice little side-set to collect while you are waiting for your Topps or Bowman to come through.

My pack contained whole mess of commons (did I mention they only make the product in jumbos?), a Hyun Jin Ryu disc, a Victorino Nicknames  card, and a Pete Rose curtain call.  No biggies but there were stars in the commons.

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