Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brand-spanking-new Hall of Famers

It seems like they've been talking about this Hall of Fame vote forever now.  By "they", I mean sportscasters on the radio.  By "forever", I mean...forever.  But, there is now a new class getting ready to into the Hall at Cooperstown.  This time there will actually BE a class.  Remember that time there was no one to induct?  Yeah, that sucked.

Greg Maddux could not be more deserving.  Simply one of the best pitchers ever.  He looked so damned inoffensive that I'm sure batters were like "Yo dork, throw me the dang ball" or whatever.  But, he made them all pay.  Maddux was a beast.  A little beast...but, a beast nonetheless.

For a Braves-centric Hall of Fame Class, we had to have Tom Glavine go into the hall with Maddux and long time manager Bobby Cox.  Glavine was a good one, too.  He deserves to be in.  I even think his "lost years" as a New York Met didn't hurt his chances too badly.  It may have cost him a percentage point or two, but that's ok.  It hurt to see Tom Glavine in another uniform.

Speaking of Hurt.  The Big Hurt, Frank Thomas, will join these other two as the lone hitter in the group.  I saw Frank when I was in college and he was in Spring Training.  He was a behemoth, like seriously, I think that he was a giant.  Anyway, a buddy of mine leaned against Frank's car and this dark look came over his face and I thought my pal was going to get seriously Big Hurt. Frank was one of may favorite hitters and could really kill the ball.  The fact he got in on the first ballot even with all of the injuries he had during his career is truly amazing.

So, congrats to Thomas, Glavine, and the Mad-Dog.  A great Hall of Fame Class this year.

Oh...and next year Craig Biggio will finally make it.  He missed by 2 votes!  That...well, that just sucks.

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