Thursday, December 12, 2013

Writers Wanted and A Call For Help

Hey everyone.  Since I have been doing this blog all by my lonesome for almost a year now, I thought I would extend the courtesy to allow people who like to write about the hobby to contribute.  There are a few things I would look for in a contributor...the ability to write a decent post, a sense of humor, love of the game of baseball and the hobby, and low expectations.  I don't have tons of readers...the ones I have I love dearly.  So, we would be building this thing together.  Also, I don't bring in ad revenue on this site and I probably never will.  Therefore, payment is out...but I always try to help a brother (or sister) out with some freebies and whatnot.  This would be a perfect opportunity for a young writer to build a portfolio of articles.  Plus, I write a mean letter of recommendation.

Nextly.  I was considering building a companion site to this blog dealing in only autographs.  Basically, I was looking to build an indexable site that would have at least one example of every stinkin' player that ever lived autograph.  Does that make sense?  So, if you need to see if a Willie Mays looks it up on the site and match.  This would not be an authentication site.  Never.  No way.  But, it would be a resource in which collectors could use to eyeball a signature and see if it's close.  Anything beyond that we will leave to the big boys.

So, this is a call for a writer or two.  And this is a call for people to donate photos of certified autographs of everyone they can think of.  Send 'em all to me.

I'll await your emails eagerly.  All the best...

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