Saturday, December 7, 2013

2013 Topps 5-Star

Ho-hum.  Yet, another high end product that I cannot afford.  Another product with super-nice cards that I will never lay eyes on.  Another out-of-my-league card set.  I wish Topps would stop this shit and actually put out more things I could afford.

Since I can't buy even one pack (do they even sell one pack?) to review here on Can't Hit The Curve, I'll just hang up a bunch of examples of killer cards that are out of reach for me.  Here you go, folks...

Yawn...just a Lou Gehrig bat barrel.

A Mike Trout Auto...great design.

John Kruk...I might be able to afford this one.

And yeah...yet another Topps Babe Ruth booklet.  Does Topps own the most Ruth cut autographs of anyone on the planet? They seem to chuck one in with every single high end release.  Maybe I'm just imagining this.

There's some Topps 5-Star examples.  Great design.  Great hits.  Something we can never enjoy.  

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