Sunday, December 1, 2013

Collectible Beards?

Apparently, David Ortiz has sold his beard for charity.  His beard.  His friggin' facial hair.  I'm afraid that this is where I draw the line when it comes to sports memorabilia.   An auto is fine.  A jersey or a bat is pretty cool.  But, buying someone's facial clippings is just plain disgusting.

All in the name of charity, Big Papi trimmed his beard and sold it all off for the grand sum of 11 grand. So, for the price of a small car I can get a Ziploc baggie full of stinky beard trimmings?  No thank you, sir.  I think I will just go ahead and pass on this one.

Shane Victorino got about 4 grand for his face fur.  Ugg.

I know there is a market for the DNA of important people.  A couple of years ago Allen and Ginter were throwing strands of hair from Abraham Lincoln into cards.  It just all seems so very weird to me.  But, if that's your thing then who am I to judge?

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