Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back From The Abyss...With USA Baseball Champions

Random auto...
Hey people.  Well, I'm back from the least a hiatus from CHTC.  Anyways, it's good to be back and I'm ready to start berating you kind people with vitriolic spewings from the comfort of my "man cave".  You sound ready.

So, I'm back with a couple of packs rom Panini and their USA Baseball Champions set.  I bought the packs because I hadn't bought anything in a month or so.  In fact, I seriously thought about quitting the hobby altogether and concentrating on my love of crochet.  Joking.  I did think of quitting, though.  I found myself not enjoying the hobby as much...but, I think that was due to other issues going on and I was sadly projecting these negative vibes onto something completely harmless and defenseless.

But, I digress.

This looks kinda cool...
The USA Baseball Champions has a great looking card design.  I'm not sure about inserts or set size or anything important.  I just know what I got looked pretty stinkin' good to me.  There would be more to report about the specifics of the set but I'm just too damned lazy to look it up.  That's what your search engine is for.  Forgive me, I'm rusty at this writing a blog stuff.

So, my pack had a bunch of cool cards.  A lot of young USA ballplayers that are likely ten years from the majors.  But, I did hit a Roger Clemens insert (serial numbered) die cut thingie.  So, that's cool.

No autographs or jersey cards or anything like that.  Two random and uneventful packs.  But, it was a good start to getting back in the game.

I hope y'all missed me.  'Cuz I missed you!

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