Monday, June 24, 2013

Sticking It Out

For a month or two, I had seriously contemplated selling off my entire collection.  Getting out of the hobby, for good.  Throwing in the proverbial towel.  Quit.  Kaput.  Finished.

I was going to sell it all.  Except for a few family heirloom type things:  the Gretzky practice-used autographed stick, the David Price SS, and a few others.  Hell, I could use the money...times is tough these days.  At least the blog is free...thanks Google!

But, I reconsidered.  I'm still looking to downsize but I am going to remain immersed in the hobby.  However, I'll likely not be buying boxes of product any longer.  Getting a few packs here and there to review here on the site will be enough to keep me going with the blog.  I will probably amp up my TTM habit, though.  There's something about connecting with players...who, like it or not, are actual REAL people...and having them send a little something back to the fans.  That, to me, is the ultimate.  It may not be cool but I don't really give a shit.

I'm going to focus my collection.  My childhood favorites (NHL Oilers, Mets, and Miami Hurricanes) and my hometown team Tampa Rays will be mostly what I collect.  I some prospecting.  But, that will likely be solely through the mail.

So, why stick it out?  Basically, this hobby connects me to a far simpler time in my life.  Children live in an idyllic world filled with role models and heroes.  The collecting hobby transports me back to that time as a's really what it should do for all of us.  Hell, this ain't a hobby to make money with.  Sure, sometimes you can get a few bucks for a card or signature or whatever.  But, really, is that what it's really about?  I contend that it is not.

The collection continues.  Much of it is for sale.  Contact me if you want to purchase.  Or trade for my favorites...I'll send you a list of "wants" if you ask nicely.

Keep the faith, people.

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