Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Had Forgotten About These

Fan packs.  How could I have forgotten these things?  For the past few years, I haven't emailed a request for a fan pack to any team.  I think I may have been remiss in my neglecting of such fine and FREE items.

So, last weekend I sat down at the computer and sent an email to every MLB team requesting one of their fan packs.  What is a fan pack?  It's basically something the teams send out in the mail to fans trying to drum up support for their team.  There's usually schedules, season ticket info, or other goodies the teams throw in.  Sometimes it's really good.  The last time I requested a pack from the Cubs they sent me a whole bunch of crap and a free T-shirt.  Not a bad deal, considering the cost.

Anyway, the first batch of this season has arrived.  Astros and White Sox.  Here's what they sent me.

Astros:  A 2013 Pocket Schedule, a good sized sticker, and an oversized card of pitcher Bud Norris.  I suppose they picked Norris since he has been with the team the longest of any active player.  Face of the franchise, anyone?

White Sox:  A flyer for Sox Pride fan club, pamphlet for Southpaw appearances (the mascot), a letter from a team ambassador, two 2013 Pocket Schedules, and a good sized sticker.

Not a bad start from a part of the hobby that had completely slipped my mind.  As more of these roll in I will be sure to share what goodness the envelopes behold.

On a related note.  The following teams (that at least sent me a reply email) only send fan packs when you send them a postcard or note (mailing them instead of emailing) asking for one.  So far:  Braves, Cubs, Twins, A's want an SASE, Blue Jays want an SASE, and Phillies.  Seattle hasn't gotten theirs together yet (check back in May).  The Giants are no longer sending any out.

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