Monday, March 18, 2013

Red Sawx Fan Pack

There's a new leader in the department of fan packs.  A few years ago, I sent a request to the Cubs.  They sent along all kinds of swag...stickers, kids autograph book, a t-shirt...and, so far, it was the best free fan pack I had ever gotten.  The Cubs still lead the all-time list.

But, as for this season, the Boston Red Sox are the front runners for fan pack of the year.  Within the little manila envelope I got today was:  the obligatory pouch of Fenway dirt, a big 'ol sticker, a pocket schedule, and...get autographed 4x6 of Ryan Sweeney.  This was the first time out of all my years requesting fan packs that I got an autographed anything.

Pretty sweet.

I still hate the Sox, though.  Go Rays!


  1. Don't get your hopes up, those autographs are typically preprinted. Post a pic though. They may be doing something different. I've sent twice before and I got a A-Gon and Jon Lester, which were most definitely pre-printed.

  2. That would suck. It looks legit, but who knows?

  3. Go ahead and post a pic. Mine were easily spotted because they were just in pen and looked exactly alike to others on the internet. I'll have to send to them soon and see for myself.