Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 Allen and Ginter

Really, what's not to like about the Topps Allen & Ginter line?  It's classy, simple, kind of old-timey, perfect for getting signed, and they tend to load their product with plenty of great hits.  I, for one, can simply call this my favorite product.  Easily.

Plus, they have mini's.  I love the mini cards.  Don't really know why or what my fascination is with the little guys.  But, I do love 'em.

The 2013 Allen and Ginter set is just as awesome as previous years.  Last year I bought three boxes.  I did pretty well, too.  Considering the odds of pulling some sweet cards (not all that great), I pulled a Yu Darvish auto RC and an Ernie Banks auto'd box topper plus an assload of relics.  So, last year I did pretty good.

So, what did I do?  Bought a box of 2013.  What a dud.  Three relics.  That's it.  Sucked hard.  But, this is the only box of A&G I will be able to afford this year.  Budgets are tight and I only get one.  Too bad it had to be like this.  Oh well.

Here's a bit of a review of the set:  The base set has 300 cards...kinda big for the collector but do-able.  The mini set is equal to that (I would love to try this one).  There is also a 50 card short print (SP) set.  Then you have the Rip cards, which are super-tough to pull.  I got one once...ripped a SP mini card.  Meh.  Then there are the 1/1 wood cards, printing plates, autographed cards (blue base and SP red ink), the silk cards, various subsets, cards with bugs, and booklets.  There really is tons of stuff in this set that could keep people buying.

One side note:  This is the first time that I have seen an A&G product go with a relic card that was NOT framed.  They are actually full-sized, and upon researching found this to be a subset.  I pulled one and thought it was super weird.

The autographs offered are, once again, stellar.  Young studs like Profar, Puig, Myers and Trout are all there.  Plus there are killer hits on old-timers such as Maury Wills, Mike Schmidt, and Cal Jr.  Add to that non-baseball autos like Axl Rose, Nick Saban, Mark Cuban, and freakin' Pele.  Pele!  Lots of hits to be had folks.

I just wish I had more cash to dump into boxes.  But, broke, I am.  Dammit.

Enjoy this year's Allen and Ginter.  It rocks.  Again.

*Thanks to Cardboard Connection for letting me swipe their images and info!

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