Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 Goodwin Champions

So, even though I'm a sucker for a vintage-style set, I just couldn't find it in my heart or my bank account to buy an entire box of this year's Goodwin Champions.  The Upper Deck set, which in past years has been much hated by many, isn't all that bad.  However, because of UD's lack of player's association affiliation, this set has no team or league logos present, whatsoever.

Once again, Goodwin proves themselves to be...weird.  Apparently, some of the big hits in the boxes are relics and antiques from the Wild West era.  Strange that this stuff would be included in a sports card set.  Or can Goodwin Champions even bill themselves as a sports card set anymore?

There is good news if you are a set collector.  There's only 150 cards in the base set with 40 short prints.  This is very do-able for set collectors everywhere.

I'm a big fan of the mini cards, though.  I can't get enough of the little fuckers.  In the two packs I bought, I did get a Vinny Del Negro mini...which will go in my mini collection.

So, take Goodwin Champions for what you want.  Sports or not, there seem to be some decent hits within the set.  Tiger Woods, Mark McGwire, Tony Hawk...they all signed for UD for the set.  However, I'm pretty sure they didn't sign a whole lot so these auto cards will be super-rare and expensive.  Worth buying a box or case for?  Nope.

Heres the lowdown for the two packs I bought:  Vinny Del Negro mini, Katie Brown, Laimbeer, Robert Horry, Cobi Jones, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Jem Mace, The Hulkster, Tim Howard, and Tim Hardaway.

If you are counting that's: 4 basketball players, 3 soccer, 1 golfer, 1 wrestler, 1 climber, and an old-timey boxer,  Jeez...

I can't find a proper checklist for you all yet.  But, I'll keep looking.

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