Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 Bowman Platinum

Now, here's a product I can get behind.  Just about anything that Bowman puts out...well, I'll try to buy as much as financially possible.

The 2013 version of Bowman Platinum looks great to me.  The design is typical Platinum:  Slick, glossy, and a little futuristic.  It really is a cool looking card.

The base set is small:  100 cards.  Even though the pack size is small (5 cards) it looks like set builders will be able to put a set together with little problem.  Of course there will be the normal color variations included.  There is also a prospect base card set with an equal collectible number of 100.  Nice.

Bowman would be remiss if they didn't put out a bunch of subsets with autographs abound.  2013 has all those and then some.  Die-cuts, prospect autos, hexagraph booklet cards, patches, relics, bat plates...the list of "hits" is exhaustive.  So, check out the checklist that I used from our friends sportscardradio.

One thing I love about Bowman:  rookies.  The set is loaded with rookies and prospecting rookies can be a lot of fun.  And profitable.

If the funds allow, I will definitely be buying some more Platinum.

Here's the tally from my two packs:  Lucas Sims, Luis Merejo (Diamonds in the rough), Mo Rivera, Gary Sanchez, Jonathan Schoop, Zunino, Lucas Giolito, Taylor Guerrieri (Top Prospects), Jedd Gyorko, Carlos Correa.

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