Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Mail Brings Jedd

Took a look in the mailbox because it is something I do.  Daily.  Mostly it's bills and junk mail and coupon flyers and the like.  Even though I have sent out bunches of TTM requests in the past few months, things have been so sparse I have stopped expecting any.

Then...well, then Jedd Gyorko arrives.  You know the guy.  Comes seemingly from out of nowhere to play pretty well for the San Diego Padres.  Then, gets demoted.  Then, gets promoted.  Then, gets hurt. Then, signs my cards.

I like Jedd and think he's going to be a pretty good ballplayer for years to come.  That's why I sent the request.  I really only send to guys I respect...the way they play, anyway.  So, Jedd's a keeper for me.

Pretty decent day even though I only netted one return.  It's way better than most days...which are usually nothing.

He returned 3/3 in roughly two months.  They are as follows: a 2011 Topps Heritage Minor League (which looks awesome), a 2010 Topps Pro Debut (equally awesome), and a 2012 Pro Debut that bubbled somewhat because I am a doofus who doesn't know how to properly prep cards (or I missed that one).

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