Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cubs OF Tony Campana Signing 1/12/13

Apparently, Tony Campana lives here in town.  I thought he was a Cincy-guy (he is) but there are reasons why he wants to live in our little city.  Which is cool.  Dude lives less than a mile from me.

Anyway, Eddie, who is the owner of our LCS, set up a free (everyone likes FREE) signing with Tony this past Saturday.  Tony signed anything and everything set up in front of him and he was super great with the kids.  I was impressed.  Tony seems like a genuinely nice young guy and we are proud to have him living (at least six months of the year) in our humble, East Tennessee town.  Annndddd...the black Rawlings Big Stick bat he signed for me looks freakin' phenomenal.  Thanks, man!

Some things overheard at the signing:

"He's smaller than I expected".  -Tony Campana is not a big fella, true.

"If you ever need a bridge built, here's my card." -An engineer said this to Mr. Campana.  Awesome.

"That deaf guy needs to get that shit out of my face." -Just a douchebag customer in line.

"Could you make it out to The Greatest Guy You Ever Met?" -A fan with a jersey to be signed.

"My Spanish isn't so good.  Just ordering food, I did a lot of pointing and hand motions." -Tony Campana chatting w/ myself about playing in Venezuela this offseason.

It was a really good signing with a personable young athlete.  Many thanks to Eddie at Sports Treasures LLC for getting Tony to come into the shop for a few hours.  

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