Friday, January 4, 2013

Harper On Cover Of New Beckett

Harper On Beckett, Again.
Well, it looks like Nationals phenom Bryce Harper will grace the cover of Beckett Baseball monthly for  February 2013.  Apparently, the folks at Beckett are going to put Harper on the cover of every other price guide for the next year.  I don't have full authority to say that.  But, I will say it.  It's good to take care of one of the cash cow's of the industry, right?

On a side note:  Does anyone use Beckett anymore?  Seriously.  If you are going to sell a card don't you usually price your item competitively with Ebay?  I do.  Maybe I'm just strange, though.  But, I suppose Beckett can get you a ballpark figure.

Congrats, Bryce.

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