Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is Bowman Sterling Worth The Money?

That is a question that I have every time I shell out a few bucks for a pack of Sterling.  Is it worth the money?  Yes, you get four cards.  Yes, three of them are autographed.  And, as a bonus, a serial numbered "base" card is thrown in for good measure.  But, at fifty it worth it?

My answer is a steadfast...I don't know.

Like many other Bowman products, their true worth isn't known until many years down the line.  Bowman is well known for putting players on cards (1st Bowman card, etc...) that are YEARS from sniffing even the High Minors, let alone the Major Leagues.  So, the value of these cards is a big unknown.  Unless...

That is, unless you get a big hit, a case hit, something totally bitchin'.  Like this card of Bryce Harper...

Or you could get a sweet-ass card like this killer Yu Darvish 1/1...

However, you are most likely to get something in the neighborhood of this card...

I pulled this awesome (sarcasm) Luke Bard base auto in the last pack of 2012 Sterling that I bought.  Boy, was I thrilled!  That was weeks ago and I'm STILL friggin' pissed about pulling that piece of crap.  But, as with anything Bowman, this Luke Bard could (highly unlikely) pay itself off in a few years if old Luke could actually make it to the big leagues and do something like make an All-Star team.  Or, I could just throw it up on the 'Bay and sell it for a few rupees.  

So, is Bowman Sterling worth it?  Well, it sure is a pretty card.  Very nicely designed, etc.  But, if you aren't pulling a big hit then you will be waiting a long while to see if your investment has paid itself off.

Patience, with Bowman, is a virtue.

Patience, in real life, sucks ass.

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