Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Site Update...And Contributor Search

For all you TTM fiends out there, I have added and updated all the addresses for every major league team.  I also included, for your convenience, the Spring Training addresses for each team, as well.  I sure hope this helps in your mailing efforts.

Also, I am in the search for someone (or many someones) to contribute to the blog.  I'm looking for people who are interested in collecting baseball memorabilia, cards, autographs, vintage...basically, if it has to do with baseball then I am all for it.  The only thing I'm not really interested in putting on the blog are team updates, injury reports, and the like.  There are other, much better, sites out there for that kind of thing.

So, if you are interested...shoot me an email and we can talk about your contributions.


BTW...Pitchers and catchers are reporting as we speak.  The season is just around the corner!

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