Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Last 2013 Topps Break

So, this would be my third and last box of 2013 Topps that I have opened.  After three boxes, I have netted a grand total of ZERO autographs.  Oh well, the boxes are fun to open and it'll give me some singles that I can send for some TTM love.

Here's the rundown on what I got the last box:

  • Harper and Trout - 1 Harper, 2 Trout
  • Tons of Emerald
  • A few gold serial numbered - No one special in that.
  • Starlin Castro GU - This one was kind of cool because it was clearly part of his uniform pants and there was still dirt on the fabric.  I dig it when they are not washed.
  • Mike Schmidt GU "The Greats" - This is serial numbered to 25.  I think it's a pretty good hit.  I'll likely trade it or sell it on the Bay since I am not really a Schmidt guy.
  • A clutch of mini's
  • And a David Price die-cut...which is awesome because I am such a Price nerd.

Anyway, that's the break.  Nothing much to report but at least I didn't get violated or reamed by Topps on this box.

Take care everyone!

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