Saturday, February 23, 2013

So Far, Seattle...

Well, we are only a week or so into the Spring Training Season.  Every year, I send out 20 TTM requests to spring training sites.  Usually, these requests are to up-and-coming rookie players or long-shot stars (like Mo Rivera, etc...).

I sent out my twenty at the end of January and it looks like the Seattle Mariners might be one of the teams to target if you are big into TTM.  The first two of my returns for this spring have come from the Emerald City.  Hotshot Mariner youngsters, Mike Zunino and Danny Hultzen both signed both of the cards that I sent along (I never send more than's greedy).

Anyway, just thought I would give everyone a heads up about the Seattle Mariners.  Apparently, they love their mail...

*Update:  The Seattle success continues.  Today I received two signed cards from Alex Liddi, Mariner third baseman.  So, as it looks, I have my first three spring training success all from the Mariners.  Good stuff, Seattle.  

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