Monday, September 9, 2013

Found Me A Lasorda

Snooping around the used book pile at a nearby shop, I stumbled across this gem which was personalized and signed by none other than Dodger great Tommy Lasorda.  Turns out to be a good find because I had yet to include a Tommy in my smallish HOF'er collection.  Here's a pic of the autographed page.  I wrote about this particular book in a previous post...and I have no idea who Hugh is...

Now, there is no way that I can authenticate this autograph for certain.  I am definitely not going to send it into an authentication agency.  Screw that.  I paid next to nothing for the book and will have to go on blind faith that it is legit.  For comparison purposes I found a certified Lasorda on the interwebs and we shall compare it here.

They look pretty close to me.  Good enough and done deal.  I'm pleased with this find and if any more baseball-related autographed books come my way, I will certainly share with you all.

Happy Reading!

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