Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mill Creek Sports

I am not an internet marketer and I have no stake in any company.  I'm a free agent, a wildcard, a solo proprietor.  Basically, I haven't whored myself out...yet.  So, you can believe it when I give my thumbs up to a memorabilia company.  That's what I'd like to do here with Mill Creek Sports.

Mill Creek Sports is a company in Washington State that...well, as far as sports memorabilia goes...they kick some ass.  Mill Creek Sports has great prices on many, and I mean MANY, baseball memorabilia items.  They've got the typical baseballs and bats and jerseys and cards.  However, they do have some ephemera that I find a little bit interesting.

Joe D. Auto Program
Clemens FDC
Let's start with the First Day Covers.  I have never bought a First Day Cover.  An FDC is basically an envelope that was postmarked with the day of a memorable event.  This event could be a player's first hit, a national championship, a World Series win, basically whatever a fan would want to commemorate.  Then, the collector will get the important figure to sign said envelope.  I find the intriguing and will likely buy one at some point.  Here's one I found on the Mill Creek Sports site that I thought would be a perfect gift for me (hint, hint, people).

First Day Covers are generally a little cheaper than other items, for some reason.  Like this Roger Clemens.  It's a mere sixty bucks.  And it's certified and graded and whatnot.  See?  Pretty good deal.

Mill Creek also has some cool items like seat backs, pitching rubber, stadium signs, index cards, game tickets, etc...  They are like the smart-man's Steiner.  All their items are signed by the big names, come certified, and are reasonably priced.

Mill Creek Sports also has tons of cards that they've had signed and certified on the spot.  In fact, I cannot find anything in their inventory that is not certified.  They also have a money back guarantee.

One of the best things about Mill Creek Sports is most small items come with FREE SHIPPING!  You don't see this much in the interwebs world, any more.

Yaz Jersey
So, if you are smart and are steering clear of Steiner Sports, check out Mill Creek Sports out in Washington.  They are good people and will treat you right.

Like I said, I am not paid to promote Mill Creek Sports.  They are not a sponsor.  They do not kick me some freebies (I wish they would!).  And I am in no way affiliated with their company.  I'm just a fan of Mill Creek and if I had any money I would buy some stuff from them.  But, alas, your humble author is still broke!

*Edit:  The Mill Creek Sports guys were nice enough to shoot me a logo which is now an active icon on the right of this page.  Click to check them out!

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