Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Post-Season Winding Up/Regular Season Winding Down

Well, the time is upon us.  Playoff time.  It's really only a week or so away and I couldn't be more excited.  And more sad.

I'm excited for the post-season.  Of all major professional sports, I believe the MLB playoffs are the best to watch.  So many awesome moments.  The joy.  The heartbreak.  The post-season has it all.  I shall be watching as many games as work will allow!

I'm saddened by the end of the regular season.  This one has been memorable for many reasons.  Here are my top stories of this regular season.  Feel free to add or ridicule me at will.

1.  The Red Sox - Dang them boys can play.  I would not have predicted a worst to first scenario in Boston.  But, they've played great.  Muchos credit from a Rays fan.

2.  Young Pitching - From Fernandez to Harvey to Moore to Darvish.  This has been a fun time to watch young pitchers come out and play.  MLB has stocked the farm for the next dozen years.

3.  Manny Machado - Even though he got hurt last night, Manny has been incredible for a pretty decent Orioles squad.  The dude is a doubles machine.  Looks like Baltimore has third base locked up for many more years.

4.  Oakland A's - Who would've thunk the A's would be a legit team?  Probably only Billy Beane.

5.  Kansas City - Same.  KC legit?  Yup.

6.  The Angels - Holy crap.  This team is so loaded.  But, they suck.  How can this be?  It's not because of Trout.  It has more to do with a streaky Hamilton and a Gimpy Albert.  Other than Trout and Trumbo, the Angels haven't looked more flat.

7.  Mariano - We say goodbye to the best reliever of all time.  This sucks.  The end of an era, for sure.

8.  The Captain - I wouldn't think Derek Jeter would be much further behind Mo in retiring.  This has been an awful, injury riddled season for DJ.  I hate to see it because the guy is a class act.

9.  Miguel Cabrera - This generation's Ted Williams.  Can. Flat. Out. Hit.

Big stories this year, for sure.  I have enjoyed every moment and the playoffs haven't started yet.  Speaking of playoffs...let's see who is in (as of this writing).

NL - Braves, Cardinals, Reds, Pittsburgh!, and Dodgers.  Pittsburgh.  Unbelievable.
AL - Red Sox, A's, and the rest is up for grabs.  Looks like the Tigers will win the division with Tampa and Cleveland in the drivers seat for the wild cards.  Will Toronto be the Rays spoiler?  We shall see.

Fun season.  But, the good times don't stop rolling here at Can't Hit the Curve.  Throughout the off-season I will still be putting out the good stuff, so keep checking back.

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