Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trending Down: CC Sabathia

There was a time in the not-too-distant past that CC Sabathia was one of the premier talents in Major League Baseball.  That was like...last year.  CC had proven that he was dependable and durable and consistent.  This year, it seems as if the wheels have fallen off for the 33-year old.

His performance this year, an inflated ERA and deflated win total, is the reason that the Yankee (former)Ace is trending down.  Way down, in fact.

I would venture to guess that Sabathia hardly registers on the collective radars of sports memorabilia collectors anymore.  In fact, on the interwebs right now I can buy this:

A Reasonable Buy

$25 will buy you this nice little 2002 Fleer cert.  Not too bad for what used to be the best pitcher in baseball.  Or, you can hit the Bay and find almost two dozen signed CC cards for under ten bucks.  

On one hand, his skills are declining and he ain't the spring chicken he used to be.  On the other hand, CC is someone who will get some attention when it comes time for the Hall of Fame (he likely won't get in, in my opinion).  So, what is a discerning collector to do?

Buy low, motherfucker!

Listen, CC plays for the Yankees.  That immediately makes him more collectable than, say, Eric Milton.  Eric who?  Exactly.  Anyway, CC has been an all-star, Cy Young caliber player for many years and, yes, he will be remembered as one of the best of his generation.  Therefore, collect the player.  Always buy low!!!  Now that his products are reasonable, go ahead and pick some up for your future generations.

One should note that Sabathia has one of those "exclusive" deal things with Steiner Sports.  So, please be careful not to get gouged by Scott Steiner and his cronies.  

A Steiner "Deal":  $249.99

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