Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zack Hample - Insane Baseball-snagging Dude

So, I've been reading Zack Hample's blog over the past few days.  Don't know Zack?  Well, he's the fella that has snagged six or seven THOUSAND baseballs at major league stadiums.  Apparently, he's done this for twenty years or so.  His record as a ballhawk is certainly impressive.

I, for one, don't know what to think of Zack.  There are things that I admire about the guy.  Keep in mind, I do not know him nor have I ever met him.  But, the level of dedication he has given to ballhawking is certainly one to admire.  Twenty years of this?  Jeez.  If I could string together twenty years of anything, it would certainly be an event for me.

Zack obviously knows the game.  He knows hitter's tendencies.  He KNOWS the ballparks...where to catch a foul, a homer, snag a third out ball, etc.  The guy is knowledgable beyond belief.  I like that in a person.  Love of the game is first and foremost.

But, Twenty Years?  Man...

I also admire the fact that he has written three books on baseball.  I friggin' love that.  To turn what used to be a hobby for him into a little career (unknown if Zack has a full time job) is freakin' awesome.  Damn the man, Zack!

What I don't understand is his complete devotion to traveling to stadiums and spending so much time at the ball park.  I love the game and I am not sure I could do this.  But, the man is a machine.  I'm not hatin' on the guy;  just don't understand.

So, the more I read, the more I like Zack Hample.  He doesn't seem to get caught up in the media bullshit or the exposure or whatever.  Zack seems like a normal guy who loves the game.

For that, I must give mad respect.

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