Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trending Up: Jose Fernandez

It's hard to think of a Marlins player that would actually be trending up.  However, starting pitcher Jose Fernandez has shown everyone what a spectacular prospect can look like.  The young Miami ace is the real deal.  He can really friggin' pitch, which is proven by his ability to win with a very young and experienced team behind him.  So, if you want a cheap Fernandez auto or memorabilia card...good luck.  His stock is skyrocketing and so are his card prices.

Seven of his top cards on the eBay search clock in at over a thousand bucks.  Including a non-auto 1/1. Amazing.

So, like Puig, if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet then it probably would behoove you to wait.  Or just pick up a couple of plain ol' RC's for four or five bucks.  But, don't buy high.  Don't ever buy high.

That is all.

Fernandez.  Hot and still trending up.

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