Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trending Up: Matt Moore

Even though he got shelled in his last start, Matt Moore of the Tampa Bay Rays should be trending up. Hell, I'm not sure if he's trending anywhere up or down.  But, I do know that the kid is a quality young pitcher and will win (I said it here first) a Cy Young Award before he ends up leaving the game.

Jose Fernandez and the guy from the Mets (Matt Harvey, yes, Matt Harvey) seem to get all the attention when it comes to young pitchers.  But, Matty Moore gets the shaft.  Well, screw that.  Matt is awesome and for much of these season looked like the ace that the great David Price was supposed to be.  

So, Matt Moore.  Pitcher for the Rays.  Think about picking up something of his right now.  Here's why.  Moore is one of the young pitchers that is actually trending up and no one seems to know that he is trending up.  15-4 so far this season (with a start or two left to go) and a low 3's ERA.  The kid's awesome.  So, if you can find yourself a Matt Moore piece of auto or something for pretty cheap I would urge you fine collectors out there to do so.

Yes, sometimes it is so obvious I am a Rays fan.

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